Innovation of the manufacturing process

25.11.2021 Project: INNOVATION OF THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS IN M G L S.R.O. COMPANY was co-financed by European Uninon.  The main goal of the project is to introduce a new innovated production process and start production of a new innovated product. Project…

Training center

29.04.2021 Project TRAINING CENTER M G L S.R.O. is co-financed by European unionProject main target is construction of the center, intended for human education and development of human resources in business sector, and improve education backgroung quality thereby.  Project name: M G…

Manufacturing proces inovation in M G L s.r.o. company.

03.08.2020 Project: MANUFACTURING PROCES INOVATION IN M G L S.R.O. was co-financed by European Union. Project main goal is to implement new inovated manufacturing proces in production and start production of new inovated product. Project registration number:     CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_261/0020157 Publicity for download: here

Purchase machines for 2K injection molding



01.12.2019 Succesfull drawing from European funds for regional development within Enterprise and Innovation for competitiveness operational programme (OP EIC). Subject of the project is acquisition of 8 new machines. Project realization will support the growth of company, will strengthen its competitiveness…